Finessed Body by Jene

Rebecca “Jene” Austin, the owner of Finessed Body by Jene, is also a licensed nurse aide. She’s been in the healthcare field for 15 + years. A woman with a “Mom bod”; despite her demanding schedule between being a single mother of 2 & working as a travel CNA. As most woman desire, Jene wanted a healthier body on the outside as much as on the inside. Investing into herself; witnessing the flattering results of various “self care” services such as body contouring. Body contouring isn’t a new fad. Society has practiced the constant demand for self perfection and beautification since the beginning of time. However, if you don’t love all of you, you’ll never respect the flaws that make you uniquely you. Embracing one’s self, engulfed in self confidence and self love is highly imperative. So for some, getting their bodies “done” is just a mere “temporary” (external) fix. Getting “finessed”, is another realm of self love, empowerment and learning to give yourself grace while trusting the specific process of YOUR journey in this life. Jene knows that for herself, understanding and respecting the essence of one’s body. Hence the creation of “Finessed Body by Jene”.